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Caveworld is an immersive turn based battle game where players can fight one another, strategically using an assortment of abilities and items. As players level-up, they get increasingly stronger and more valuable rewards which can be used to defeat their opponent or traded on the marketplace.

Not just yet! The cave is still in maintenance to receive the world to battle each other!

Cavemen are stupidly fierce creatures that only want to battle each other! They are the main protagonist on this crazy world that is the Caveworld. The caveman NFT is the prime access to the game, with a supply of only 8888 it's a very special possession!

Caveman are different ranks depending on the amount of Attributes they are wearing! You can check our ranking in our Encyclopedia!

The rank of caveman will change the amount of abilities a caveman can unlock! You can get more info on this on out twitter thread explaining ranking!

At the start on Mobile (iOS and Android), then will be launched later for PC and Mac.

Discovered in the deepest caves, thousands of years ago, CAVE coin became the currency of Caveworld. Used for purchasing chestboxes, upgrading armors, and so much more, $CAVE rules the economy and is required for making transactions inside our world.

$CAVE can be bought in multiple decentralized exchanves, we recommend Raysium Swap.